A boutique law firm as unique as you are

No one wants a one-size-fits-all approach to their family or business and the law should be the same way. What an attorney brings to the table is the experience to see nuance in your goals when you reach out to them. When you retain Woodrum Law, you are not just a case number but a unique individual. You are able to share your situation with confidentiality and receive sound advice in return. Most people are likely not thrilled at the idea of considering assistance from an attorney but it is our hope that knowing you have an advocate on your side will lend you peace of mind to focus on the things that matter most to you.

Homa Woodrum, Esq.

Civil Law & Guardianship
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I have been licensed to practice law in the State of Nevada since October 2007 but have been a Nevada resident since 2000. I joke sometimes that I am a professional pessimist - clients need to hear the worst case scenarios so they can manage their expectations as a case progresses. All joking aside, an honest outlook is crucial to problem solving in the law.

I have experience with civil litigation, bankruptcy, immigration, business formation, and contract disputes but a large portion of my practice focuses on Elder Law and Guardianship. Just as litigating business deals gone bad can help with drafting sound contracts, assisting guardians in the management of the estates of both minors and incapacitated adults allows for a comprehensive approach to estate planning.

Estate Planning

What specific wishes do you have about your health care, finances, and property near and at the end of your life? Even if you don’t have specific wishes, an estate plan can help ease the stress for your loved ones so that they don’t have to worry and wonder what you would have wanted regarding things like hydration, nutrition,or resuscitation. Have you memorialized your wishes about whether you’d like to be buried or cremated. An advance directive, powers of healthcare and financial attorney, will, and a trust may be instruments to consider depending on your situation.


Real life guardianship scenarios can feel like being thrust into works of fiction - emotions are tense and the stakes are often equally high. In the case of minor guardianship, for example, a grandparent may find that they need the legal authority to care for a grandchild while the child's parent or parents are unable to care for them. Unlike adoption, which is highly scrutinized because it involves terminating the rights of a parent, guardianship can preserve familial connections while allowing the guardian to care for the child with legal authority. When money enters the equation, the care of an individual's bank accounts, business interests, and the like fall under what Nevada courts call guardianship of the estate. Adult guardianships hinge on the incapacity of the ward, their shown inability to manage their affairs (personal and/or financial) or even can be based on their consent to receiving court supervised assistance. You do not have to face the process alone at a difficult time.

Probate Administration

Probate involves the court supervised process of carrying out the estate planning wishes of the person that passed away (the decedent). Whether or not you have a will, your estate can be subjected to the probate process by which the will is proved. "Smaller" estates are streamlined under Nevada law but are no less important. Therefore, families don't often anticipate that while they are in the process of grieving, they will have to participate in legal process to wrap up the affairs of their loved one. Even uncontested probate has multiple steps to ensure proper oversight and to protect the wishes of the decedent.

Adam Woodrum, Esq.

Criminal Defense & Family Law
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I pride myself on providing zealous, attentive defense of those charged with crimes. I am a staunch defender of the Constitution and will ensure your rights are protected at every stage of the process. The difference you get with private counsel is the time and attention paid to your case. Public defenders are rarely afforded the time required to litigate most cases as thoroughly as private counsel can.

I have extensive experience practicing criminal law, first as a prosecutor, then as a public defender, and now as a private attorney. I have handled cases from both sides of the courtroom ranging from DUIs and domestic battery, through sexual assault and murder. I have conducted countless bench trials and preliminary hearings and several jury trials. I have been licensed to practice law in Nevada since 2006 and am also licensed in the U.S. District and Ninth Circuit Appellate courts. Before I was a practicing attorney I was a law clerk to a district court judge. I cannot guarantee results, but I can guarantee you my attention. I am available weekends and evenings to accommodate work and childcare schedules and also have handled matters involving divorce and child custody.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Being charged with driving under the influence carries serious consequences including loss of license, insurance increases, heavy fines, mandatory counseling, and extreme enhancements for second and third offenses. There are several ways police can harm their case against you, from and illegal stop through improperly taking blood or breath samples at the jail. Don't plead guilty to DUI without having your case examined by someone specifically experiences in DUI litigation. There is never a reason to plead guilty to a DUI offense without first consulting an attorney. Also, the penalties are usually the same even if convicted at trial for first and many second offenses. If anything is wrong with your case you have a good chance of getting the charge reduced or dismissed. I've prosecuted hundreds of DUIs and have defended dozens. My fee includes a misdemeanor trial if the case cannot be reasonably resolved before then.

Fraud & Misrepresentation

Being charged with a financial crime can be devastating for your personal and professional life. Fraud charges often arise out of misunderstandings with friends, family and clients or through innocent business practices with unfortunate consequences. Zealous representation of individuals charged with financial crimes in state and federal court requires experience. I prosecuted fraud cases for the Nevada Attorney General for almost 6 years. Successful defense and mitigation requires thorough investigation of all facts and circumstances. Often it is proof of intent (or lack of proof of intent) which might turn a criminal prosecution into a civil matter.

Appeals Against a Verdict

If you are convicted at trial your appeal and post-conviction proceedings become your only chance for success. Appellate work is difficult and relies on knowledge of the law and Constitution more than day-to-day criminal defense. It also requires exceptional written and oral advocacy skills. I have made oral argument before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on four occasions. I have written countless legal briefs on Federal Constitutional issues. I will pursue necessary appeals at all levels of State and Federal courts and am even eligible to practice in the United States Supreme Court.